We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.


Exceptional results begin with a fresh approach.

A significant head start.

Most consulting teams spend the precious first weeks of your engagement getting the lay of the land, so they have a lens through which to create your solutions. Myndsi is an elite consultancy of experienced business executives, so we are not learning on the job. You are hiring from the top view experts, seasoned professionals who already have a framework to help you achieve success.

The recognized experts.

Don’t take our word for it. With decades upon decades experience, our executive advisors are acclaimed by their individual industries. From scheduling analysis and forensics experts to sales professionals with numerous turnaround results, Myndsi does it all. Our industry- and department-specific knowledge works with you to combine what they know with what you have experienced, so we can co-create new pathways to valuable solutions for you. You wouldn’t be the first to call us a League of Extraordinary Experts.

The technology advantage.

In many cases, the solution is in the software you are (or aren’t yet) using. Myndsi provides you with exclusive access to customized, award-winning software solutions, when appropriate. Our team’s insights into hardware, software, and how IT systems inform (or impede) success are often a key factor in results for our clients. And did we mention that a number of our team members are award-winning in the technology space specifically?

Unprecedented commitment.

If we’re all honest with each other, “consulting” has become synonymous with outside advisors lobbing recommendations and not so much with hands-on follow through. The Myndsi approach differs in that we begin with our solutions. Then, we guide you to carry through the strategies you approve, with the right teams, training, technology and project management to get you to the finish line in a better way than anyone else could.

Myndsi works discreetly with our clients, many of whom are industry leaders; we honor their privacy by not using their names or endorsements publicly. If we can provide you with references or more information about our work, please contact us any time.

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