From more accurate bidding to project review, risk mitigation to forensics and legal challenges, our robust construction, engineering and infrastructure practice provides comprehensive advisory services. We specialize in identifying and troubleshooting key construction project issues at all stages of the project lifecycle. With proprietary algorithms and exclusive software customizations, we can assist with deriving better results from your business data, while guiding you to apply information in new ways to improve future projects as well. In addition to construction and engineering firms, we frequently work with associated professionals, including lawyers, forensic analysts, government, private and public sector organizations, to serve the needs of clients here and abroad.

Services include:

  • Job forecasting 
  • Job forecasting analysis 
  • Scheduling, schedule analysis and improvement
  • Forensics & claims
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Risk mitigation and risk reduction 
  • Litigation support 
  • Customized software solutions 
  • And more

Whether you are planning to bid on a project or doing a post-mortem analysis, we offer the life cycle of detail-oriented, strategic business solutions the industry requires.