A Roundtable of Experts, Devoted to Your Success.

Myndsi has evolved to become one of the most elite consulting firms by sheer simplicity of approach: we bring the subject matter experts to the table, using a cross-disciplinary approach to bring new solutions to the table to resolve your challenges or open the road to new opportunities promptly.

Within our team, you will find a growing league of industry-recognized experts; an alliance of deep, battle-tested experience. The team working on your project is likely to include award-winning executives who have a longlist of successful accomplishments, experts whose insight is coveted by industry and media alike, and technical experts who understand the finite points of your current state.

We combine forces to provide a more experienced, more thorough and more holistic approach to business consulting than is offered anywhere else. Whether we are assisting you with reducing risk or addressing crisis after the fact, or building your early stage strategy to ensure long-term success, our collaborative, deeply informed approach is something you’ll only find here.

Myndsi’s project roster is reaching capacity; we will be accepting limited engagements in 2020.

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